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To not stop something like this, something so puny and insignificant -

useless imbeciles. Why do I keep you around? Why do I suffer your presence? What use are you if you cannot stop such an insignificant rock?

Sister - sister - do you see. Do you see how he leaves you. Do you see how our powers are stripped away like this. To think that I will disintegrate this wretched city in an instant -



A birthday, is it? A celebration of the day you stepped into life, another blemish in the face of the world. All just~as~planned.

To live out your little lives, to die - it happens and is over long before you know it does, and soon one becomes an abandoned plaything, living out a life long mapped out and forgotten by God - and didn't you know that a plan is a plan is a game~?

Do you dream of going to heaven, little ones?

And ah - manners. Happy, happy birthday!

Come, Katan; we shall have cake.
No tea, no freshly drawn baths. Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Surely there is one or two who serve such pressing domestic needs? Surely not all of you are completely useless?

How the privileged must suffer here, to dwell amongst such filth and disrepair - and yet you are still absent. Have you not always followed your master -

Now then, we move on to the next matter, one that is of most importance ~

If anyone has seen this little bird fluttering around, I should like to know of it. After all, isn't he just soft, cute, and in need of dire attention? ♥

Come now, come now, sharing is caring.
[This is the flapping sound of massive wings, and such heralds the entrance of a mad, pissy high angel into the city. Won't you come say hello? ♥ ]

Imbeciles, fools - you think to restrain me in this place? Do you not know of my station far above the likes of - is it you, sister, to indulge in more of such vile trickery; to attempt this - you were the only

Come, Lucifer, Katan; servants, peons, where are you when you are sought, required

To presume to seal me in like something wretched - move, move - fly, curse you - LET ME OUT.